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Hearts for Homes

Spring Art Fair

hearts for Homes

I , along with Anaheim Beautiful, Innovative Housing Opportunities and others held an Art Event at the El Verano and Rockwood Apartment Facilities on Lincoln Ave in Anaheim on Saturday, April 30th.

Council Member and Community Activist Steve Faessel along with IHO executives spoke about the facility and the project and visited with residents and guests and took part.

Miss Anaheim Beautiful Priscilla Oropeza was are MC for this event.

We had artists creating Artworks and holding workshops or working with residents and other guests.

Dr John Lawson, Irfan Murtaza and Vickie Green came to paint and share their process.

Virginia Nonaca Chavez had a jewelry workshop.

A Creative Story Telling project was provided by Elvia Rubalcava.

A Watercolor workshop was done by Shelley Sylla.

Anaheim Community Development made Posters.

Some of our Paint was provided by Anaheim Public Utilities.

I and the Anaheim Beautiful Youth Group along with other volunteers were painting hearts with residents and attendees both for them to keep and for our project “Hearts for Homes’’ with has focus on creating a community public art piece. Participants painted hearts of various sizes which will be attached to large cut out letters. The letters spell out the word “Home” with the O being a large heart. This piece when complete will adorn the facility.

There were musical guests and the Anaheim Ballet was on hand to to talk about their program.

Community Art Day

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On a related theme we are in the planning process of doing a project similar to the Hearts for Homes.

We are going to create a community Art Day om which we will create and make elements for a very large letter A with members of the community and other artists.

This "A" will be placed on the corner of Anaheim Boulevard and Broadway, across from the city hall and diagonally across from the Muzeo. This will be a community create public Art piece.

I also plan on doing one of these in West Anaheim, although there I would like to spell out the full name with one artist directing the creation of each letter.

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